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GOME greenhouses in the years have been for our customers, synonym of commitment to quality and maximum functionality: today may be the subject of energy conversation to renewable energy sources with high efficiency.

Tunnel for leisure - MOD "ORTOFLORA"

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It has a classical tunnel structure that in the semplicity of assembly, in the multiple sizes and economy has its strong points.

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It has a classical tunnel structure that in the semplicity of assembly, in the multiple sizes and economy has its strong points. The various models create a great adaptability to many function that range from seasonal crops of vegetables and flowers, to a creation of small shadow system, to  small structures by hobbies, to agricultural storage, to the construction of roofs for round bales of hay and straw.

Types of coverage

  •  Plastic film

The film is stretched easily through special tend-tarp tubes properly positioned in the roof channels

  •  PVC tarps

Through the use of tarps suitably designed to cover the barns we’re obtained various solutions of colors and type of anchorage to the structure

  •  Shadow-net

The shadow-net in polyethylene (BLACK, GREEN and WHITE), with various degrees of shading, is secured with tend-tarp tubes properly positioned in the roof channels

  •  Corrugated plastic

Strenght and wear resistence are the main features of this coverage accompained by special anchoring systems and air adn water isolation seals





  • Side openings bottom/top

Type of side or headboard  areation with winding of the plastic film  from the bottom to the top with the possibility of automation with electric motor. On demand it’s possible to create double openings from the bottom to the top in indipendent functioning

  •  Plugging of headboards

Predisposition of the structure to the plastic film or to the corrugated plastic including sliding doors with one or two cages

  • Baseboard in corrugated plastic

Realized by means of metal galvanized profiles suitably clamped to the structure that have the function of locking of corrugated plastic

  •  Entrance doors

The tunnel access can be realized by means of simple hinged doors or with full opening of the headboard with “vasistas” system 


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