To preserve and increase the value of products

The drying is a process of dehydration in which water is separated from the product, so as to reduce its content by the usual 65-95% to values that fall below 15%. Traditionally drying was done in natural way, namely by the exposure to the sun of food, especially in countries that are characterized by a warm and dry climate. At the industrial level, however, this practice has been abandoned since many years due to the impossibility of controlling hygiene and organoleptic properties.

Initially the production of dryers branded GOME was centered on tobacco dryers. During more than 40 years of activity we have expanded the range with dryers for mushrooms, fruit, vegetables, wood, herbs that are useful used primarly at organic farms.

The automatically manage software and the energy efficiency from renewable sources are the frontiers that Hi-Tech Resource has brought the quality and tradition of GOME.