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GOME greenhouses in the years have been for our customers, synonym of commitment to quality and maximum functionality: today may be the subject of energy conversation to renewable energy sources with high efficiency.

Tunnel shelter hay - MOD "AGRICOVER"

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The tunnel is a structure specially designed for the coverage of round ball of hay and straw.

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It’s a structure specially designed for the coverage of round ball of hay and straw. It’s also indicated for the shelter and storage of agricultural MACHINERY and TOOLS.

The cover (Polyethylene/PVC) is attached and stretched to the side base by a tend-tarp tube  Ø 1” suitably clamped to the structure.

Types of coverage

The enclosure can be produced with plastic film tarps specially designed for the average of  farms and mushrooms beds.

  •  POLYANE SBE thickness 0,25 mm GREEN MOSS
  •  PASTILOS LLD  thickness 0,22 mm IVORY 

  Agricover mt 8 Agricover mt 10
L (mt)  8,00  10,00
H (mt) 5,50  7,00
P (mt) 1,50  1,50
Ø arco (mm)
60,00 60,00





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