Our values: customer focus, performance, innovation, team spirit…

The past

GOME®, historic family-owned company, that for 50 years has been synonymous of quality agricultural mechanization, known for its heat generators for protected cultivations, metal structures, machinery and system for tobacco, wood chips, wood, fruit, vegetables, hay, herbs and agri-food drying in general.

GOME® mission has always been the saving of its customers through energy efficiency of its products, as evidenced by the 40.000 units of hot air generators and about 3.500 units of agro-industrial dryers sold from the 60s to today.


The present

GOME is a company that today implement and complete the generational change: young, dynamic and high engineering skills, is located in Tuscany, in the province of Pistoia, and operating on the whole Italian territory and internationally through an extensive network of agents, distributors and maintenance centers.

With the advent and development of technologies for renewable energy, the value of tradition is integrated with a new GOME® products conception: this enable the offering of a range of high efficiency solution that goes from generators to dryer and to burners, currently available both fed with fossil fuels that with woody biomass.

Biomass plants, cogeneration, district heating are the new application with which designs and produces energy conversion of agroindustrial processes in existing companies or energy optimization of new settlements, inducing an important added value of energy and financial saving as well as a modern response to the needs of the planet.


The future

The new management has planned a strategy of long-term for the enhancement of valuable experience implicits in the GOME® products through their reengineering and/or diversification of application to obtain a wider dissemination on international markets.

The great attention to needs of the marked served, the constant effort to anticipate the evolving customer needs, investment in R&D, patents available and in progress, licensing and strategic partnership both industrial and trade, are only some of the point of strength of the impetus given to the brand GOME®.


Our values

GOME implements a costant training and integration activity on internal processes to the quality of the system: the people employed in operations, the team of R&D specialist, the management, they alle all share our core values:

Focus on the customer
Team spirit

What we do

Pellet burners suitable for the replacement of traditional burners on existing boilers or integration on GOME generators and dryers.
Specific for heating greenhouse and sheds, made in hanging and on wheels model, powered by traditional fuels or biomass.
We produce tobacco curing, agri-food, medical and officinal herbs, wood chips, wood and special material dryers.
Made for who need to process heat for its business: energy saving and economic performance are insured.
Quality, reliability and customization are the trademark of our structures: sheds, shelters, tunnels and greenhouses are certified and compliant.