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Hi Tech re source supports its customers at all stages of the treatment of tobacco supplying machinery for the whole processing chain of tobacco with functioning both manual and automatic.

Press insert-combs for tobacco in the containers

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Machinery for automation of the attachment of green tobacco inside the containers

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The "AUTOMATIC PRESS FOR INSERTING COMBS OR PINS INSIDE THE CONTAINERS" is a sophisticated machinery with pneumatic operation allows to speed up the process of threading combs for the attachment of green tobacco within the container which will later be positioned within the drying chamber.

The threader-combs is a component of a larger system of automated processes that allows to prepare the green tobacco crop to the phase of drying.


The phases of the system are divided into:

  • Loading system of green tobacco into containers
  • Tipper of containers in input
  • Slide rail of containers and balance
  • Automatic threader-combs
  • Tipper of containers in output


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