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Hi Tech Resource has been chosen by Tuscany Confindustria for an interview on the magazine IES-Industry and Development, the quarterly of information, opinion, economy and enterprise, distributed to all the member companies of Confindustria Arezzo, Florence, Grosseto, Livorno, Lucca, Massa Carrara, Prato, Siena.

Focus of this issue is the world of energy and energy saving, which are two of the themes that most characterize the mission of GOME & Hi Tech Resource: we wanted to make known to the Tuscan SMEs the potential offered by renewable sources and by biomass systems even when performing routine tasks typical of its own business that could be incentivized by the European Union and with a very high ROI.

Below is the full article issued by GOME & Hi Tech Resource for IES- Industry and Development. The entire magazine is available on the website of IES and we are on the PAGE 50.


Agroindustry as a sustainable and profitable business model

Hi-Tech Resource, thanks to years of GOME® experience, helps businesses to save, plan and optimize its energy balance with high-tech and subsidized plants.

Hi-Tech Resource is a young and dynamic Tuscan company, operating also at international level, who in 2014 detects the historical brand GOME®, for more than 50 years synonymous of quality of agricultural mechanization with the production of hot air generators for protected crops, systems of tobacco drying, wood and agricultural food.

Always the design and technological effort of GOME® is dedicated to the energy efficiency and the results are widely recognized as evidenced by the 40.000 units of machines sold from the 60s to today. The “centralization” and the “control and manage automated” of heating systems have allowed to optimize constantly the consumption for centers of horticultural production and of tobacco drying rather than agro-food.

But the real great opportunity to give a substantial value of energy saving to the efficiency has occurred with the advent of renewable sources, of technological breakthroughs achieved by exploiting them and particularly of the incentive systems that allowed the financial sustainability of their introduction. The natural proximity of agro-industry to the agroforestry energies allowed GOME® to experiment and to develop integrated systems, fueled by woody biomass, of large thermal power and with low cost to manage high-efficiency industrial processes and at the same time linked to the difficult economic rules of the agricultural sector.

Whit the advent of Hi-Tech Resource the new management has outlined an effective strategy to enhance the valuable experience of GOME®, through careful and engineering and technological processing to transfer the benefits to the whole industry where the possible applications are countless (tanneries, laundries, dairies, breweries and malt houses, drying/sterilization/pasteurization/cooking food plants, to name a few), virtually anywhere you use the heat process with high specificity of customization.

By defining appropriate technological standars, Hi-Tech Resource has managed to consolidate partnerships with leading venture capital companies offering its customers the following benefits: initial investment close to zero, immediate culling of the energy costs between 30 and 50% and a Return on Investment (ROI) very high.

Here lies the real strenght and the current success of the business model implemented.


  • GOME & Hi Tech Resource now on IES of Confindustria
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