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Includes all GOME dryers fed with traditional fuels: satural gas, LPG, diesel. Each customer can choose the burner fed with fuel him prefers.

Dryer for herbs - MOD "STN-C-SK ERBE"

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Natural Gas

The STN-C-SK ERBE dryer is a modular Plug & Play machine, which is tested in the factory and shipped already assembled and ready for use; it can be powered by diesel, LPG or methane gas.

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The STN-C-SK ERBE industrial dryer is characterized by primary operation with vertical hot air flow that can be combined with tangential flow. It is powered by traditional fuels and you can choose between: LPG / methane / diesel. Inside you can insert from 4 to 12 trolleys with the relative trays, depending on the size chosen.

The dimensions and load capacities of the various models are as follows:

  • STN Mini "SK": 140x370x190cm. Indicative capacity: 400-800 kg / useful internal volume: 4.5 mc
  •  STN 04C "SK": 500x220x270 cm. Indicative capacity: 800-1600 kg / useful internal volume: 6.8 mc 
  • STN 06C "SK": 620x220x270 cm. Indicative capacity: 1200-2400 kg / useful internal volume: 10.2 mc 
  • STN 08C "SK": 750x220x270 cm. Indicative capacity: 1600-3200 kg - useful internal volume: 13.6 cubic meters 
  • STN 12C "SK": 1000x220x270 cm. Indicative capacity: 2400-4800 kg - useful internal volume: 20.4 cubic meters

GOME dryers are equipped with an innovative control software (under patent procedure) with temperature and relative humidity probes, which can be remotely operated. The INTEGRATE management system can store process data, send alarms to your mobile device and remotely connect with our diagnostic center for online technical support. 

All dryers for agro-food and officinal herbs can be equipped inside with trolleys with trays both in plastic materials certified for contact with food, both in FOOD-STAINLESS steel 304, and in simple galvanized steel. The number of trays varies according to the drying and space requirements. As an alternative to trolleys, GOME is able to provide pre-drilled stainless steel slats flooring installed directly on mobile trolleys to allow the loading of loose material and its easy extraction.

The STN-C-SK dryer can, on request, be equipped with an AIR FLOW REVERSING SYSTEM (model STN-DF): this exclusive system allows a significant increase in the HOMOGENEITY of drying and therefore a HIGHER QUALITY of the final product as well as an optimization of energy consumption.

The range of GOME dryers for agri-food products is aimed at all agro-food industries that feel the need to reduce their costs and labor times, increase the quality of their products, improve their taste and the preservation of their organoleptic properties. 

GOME dryers are synonymous with quality and durability: only the use of the best materials, compliance with Community Directives on Consumer Protection, Equipment Sanitation, and the technical production requirements allow those who purchase a GOME dryer to get concrete benefits.

Our dryers have been designed for drying:

  • Medicinal, medical and aromatic herbs
  • Plants and flowers
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Legumes
  • Cereals
  • Various seeds

Our “SK” model dryers are sized to meet a capacity of herbs and fresh agri-food products between 800 and 2800 kg. They are monobloc dryers, pre-assembled, ready for use, which do not require installation and / or training by our technicians on their use. If your production were to increase, you can request the addition of modules or ask us to create a tailor-made dryer for you. Look at the CONTAINERS for AGRI-FOOD DRYERS.


  •  High performance hot air generator
  • Siemens PLC
  • RIELLO brand GAS or DIESEL burners with electronic flame control (single or two-stage) 
  • 2 (SF) or 4 (DF) gravitational valves for expelling moisture
  • Supporting structure in sheet metal profiles
  • Double helical or centrifugal fans
  • Combustion chamber in special high-performance stainless steel
  • Galvanized and pre-painted thermo-walls on both sides (thickness 50 mm)
  • Rainwater drainage channels in galvanized sheet metal


Herbs and Agro containers

Electronic Thermostat

Safety bithermostat

Smoke exhaust pipe

Steel Curve



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